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I plan to post articles specific to the SoulMentors approach here, along with related writing.

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(Arcturus photo courtesy of the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh/Anglo-Australian Observatory)

This page is under development and revision.

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The Beginning:  A Willingness to Consider

Under Construction

This temporary page is a beginning . . .

Imagine if you came to visit a place of deeper learning and discovered partial displays, unpacked boxes and construction work everywhere.  Imagine that those you meet in that setting explain that they are so excited to be sharing their discoveries that enough is available to form an initial presentation - because there is a world of need for even that right now. They give you a brief tour of the place, invite your much-valued feedback on this work-in-progress and heartily invite you to return, as much as your interests and needs apply. May this be your experience here on the SoulMentors site.

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