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SoulMentors – An Emerging Way of Exploring the Possibility of a Spiritual, or Multi-dimensional Reality 

I invite you to ask yourself this question:  Is my religious, spiritual, or philosophical path in life giving me enough of what I need to satisfy me with respect to my ultimate questions about the deeper meanings of life?  How about this one:  Is there any way I can explore these questions without somebody trying to hard-sell me on a particular belief system?  Or, Isn’t there a way I can look for answers without having to join some group and become a believer – before I get to ask the questions, let alone get the answers?   

SoulMentors.com is a service-oriented web site for those of us who don’t have all the answers to the ultimate questions of life, yet who also don’t want hard-sell answers by those to whom they address their questions. SoulMentors adopts a counseling model, in which exploring questions of spirituality and the deeper meanings of life move us beyond our perceived limitations and the cultural limitations of religion and science as the self-appointed gate-keepers to ultimate truth. 

SoulMentors is a new, yet very ancient, way of pursuing personal spiritual growth outside any particular belief system.  It based on your lived personal experience, so the truths you discover are lived truths, which become the basis of your wisdom. You do not have to join any group, answer to any authority nor accept any doctrine; neither do you have to adapt your behavior or dress to meet inflexible standards set in ancient times, nor subject yourself to the judgment of those who would set themselves apart from you in their standards of holiness.   

Religion and science are not seen as contradictory. SoulMentors does not forsake religion; it embraces all religion that inspires us, unfettered, to the deeper realizations that come with spiritual experience. And it embraces all true scientific endeavor which openly pursues all mysteries with its methods, no matter how strange the data, while recognizing the limitations of scientific methods as not being the boundaries to reality. 

The SoulMentors approach asks you to believe nothing, while it invites you to be “willing to consider.”  If we are to find a truth that works on a personal level for us, the challenge is to keep an open mind, unblocked by fears and preconceived ideas.  It is a path that truly does require us to walk a razor’s edge, with an abyss on one side where we can fall into unsupported belief and an abyss on the other, where we close our minds even to the degree of refusing to recognize transcendent evidence in our own lives.   

The approach asks us: 

• to be willing to consider the possibility that being open to consider, overcoming our fears and pre-conceptions, opens the way for us to discover ultimate truths for ourselves. 

            • to be willing to consider the possibility that life is much bigger than we, or our culture, could perceive or imagine it to be.  That we live in a non-random, organized, multi-dimensional universe; that what our religious traditions have termed spiritual is synonymous with all “non-material” creation existing in higher dimensions above the frequency of the material dimension.

            • to be willing to consider the possibility that we, our individual selves, are much more than we, or our culture, perceive or imagine ourselves to be.  That, far more than being our material bodies, we are spiritual beings, as referenced in all of our religious traditions.  This is synonymous with saying that we are multidimensional beings, presently occupying a physical body.

            •to be willing to consider that there is evidence of a conscious, creative, organizing, intelligent Presence that permeates all levels of these realities, including our known physical reality.  That unblocking ourselves, by overcoming our fears and preconceptions, we will discover overwhelming evidence of that Presence.

            •to be willing to consider that the sense of incompleteness we feel during those quiet moments – that emptiness, that sense of something missing in our lives, that yearning, comes out of our lack of conscious connection with the higher dimensional aspects of who we are, including a lack of awareness of the all-permeating Presence that sustains us and exists at our core of being. That most of our pursuits while focused on material reality lead us away from these discoveries and, thus, to a deeper sense of separation.

            •to be willing to consider that there are aspects of human nature and cultural dynamics within all religions, science and philosophy that stand in the way of our ultimate spiritual development.  That we must individually perceive, respect and overcome these limitations, by unblocking ourselves through overcoming our individual fears and preconceptions,  to meet our full potential.

SoulMentors is an emerging approach to helping persons explore their ultimate questions and spiritual interests for themselves, without any outside pressures or expectations that they should join or become a part of any system of belief.  As such, the approach creates a “safe haven” where issues of religious and spiritual confusion, suffering, trauma and abuse can be explored in a safe environment with another person, or persons, identified as being in a soulmentor role.   A soulmentor can be a trusted peer or helping professional, mutually recognized as being of equal or more extensive spiritual experience and development, who accepts and practices the open-exploration, experience-based principles of  the SoulMentors approach.   

SoulMentors dispenses with the authority-based approach to guiding the spiritual development of others and has no formal affiliation with any religion or system of belief. Rather, it is based upon a counseling and human development model which puts the person, or persons, receiving support and help in the center of the helping process, along with the totality of their developmental needs.

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The Beginning:  A Willingness to Consider

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Security is mostly a myth. It doesn't exist in nature.  Life is either a daring adventure or life is nothing at all.

_- Helen Keller (quote from memory)

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Imagine if you came to visit a place of deeper learning and discovered partial displays, unpacked boxes and construction work everywhere.  Imagine that those you meet in that setting explain that they are so excited to be sharing their discoveries that enough is available to form an initial presentation - because there is a world of need for even that right now. They give you a brief tour of the place, invite your much-valued feedback on this work-in-progress and heartily invite you to return, as much as your interests and needs apply. May this be your experience here on the SoulMentors site.

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